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Queen of the underworld, Jesse Malin

Queen of the underworld, Jesse Malin Este tipo es una mera copia de Ryan Adams. De hecho, The fine art of self destruction, su primer disco, está producido por él. Esto no quita para que sea muy bueno y esta canción muy bonita.

Queen of the Underworld

You say you want a revolution
Something you can touch
Like an age old contradiction
With alcohol and lust
And all the things you have are broken
And you can't go back if they've moved
From dysfunction to this function
You know I'm singing just for you

Queen of the underworld
Took a ride on the tilt-a-whirl
Meanwhile another girl

Out on the street you hear their laughter
And pretty green eyes have turned to blue
Everything you've heard I've gotten
Persecution's nothing new

Queen of the underworld
Took awhile baby to unfurl
Meanwhile another girl
Queen of the underworld

I never got an invitation
Never heard too much
I'm gonna make a reservation
But I'm not in a rush

And all across this alien nation
Or in a town called Resume Speed
Out on the highway of perfection
We only wanted to be free
Queen of the underworld, etc.
Don't turn around

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